Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 19, 2010 Oklahoma Tornadoes

(Only have time for a few details and a couple poorly-processed photos...)

Chased with Derek Deroche and Amos Magliocco for all/portion of the time and met up with Bob Fritchie and Rachael Sigler late in the day. Observed 2 tornadoes associated with the supercell that tracked from Leedey to Guthrie, OK.

Tornado A. Approximate location: 3 WNW Leedey. GPS time: 321-325 pm CDT. Tornado developed on the southern periphery of the large updraft base, in a cyclonic region where the RFD had created a horseshoe updraft shape. Tornado condensed more than half way to the ground, but a narrow debris whirl extended upwards into the condensation funnel.

Tornado B. Approximate location: 7 WSW Dover. GPS time: 545-549 pm CDT. Nearly rain-wrapped tornado developed within RFD-encircled precipitation. Tornado grew in size rapidly and became a fully condensed, wide cone. Uncertain ending time as feature eventually became fully obscured.