Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2009 Summary and New Blog

I've completed my 2009 summary chase page.

2009 Chase Page

The page features a quick summary of each chase day along with a couple photos. The summary page is something I've been putting together since 1997. The complete 13 years are available here.

The 2009 season turned out to be fairly decent. It was certainly quiet for much of May and tornadic events in the plains were few and far between for most of the year. Beyond tornadoes, there was some excellent storm structure, which can be just as difficult to observe in some years. This season also brought the largest hail I've personally observed (5 to 6 inches in diameter). I'm fortunate to have good friends that made the season that much more enjoyable and successful. Thanks Derek, Amos, Bob, and many others! Hope to see several others out there next year.

This also serves as my first 'blog' entry of Targetarea.net. My main chase web page will remain the focus of my internet domain. However, all updates to the page, including new chases and photos will be posted here first for those interested to take advantage of the various notification feeds that my traditional web page will not offer. Enjoy!